Adam Mac
2 min readJan 3, 2022


With nothing but a mechanical keyboard and steely determination I went to work. Carving the future with a mouse and keyboard, one word at a time. I was going to prove that I could write a novel on this thing.

It wasn’t easy. I had to fight the urge to give up several times, but I powered through it. It wasn’t just my writing skills that improved, my self-discipline grew too. As did my typing speed, which is always nice.

All in all it was a pretty positive experience. So much so that I’m willing to give it another go with another book. It worked – This may sound silly but the fact that I was able to finish writing a novel in a couple of months gives me confidence that I can do something similar with another book in the future.

Walking the Earth - set in the near future a solo adventurer named Steve walks across continents in a desperate attempt to save his marriage.

From the streets of London to the dark recesses of New York, Earth is a very different place in the near future. A super flu epidemic has swept across the planet, killing over half of its population. Its not just people that have been affected though, plants and animals too. The virus has changed them, creating bizarre new hybrids that are even more deadly than their parent species.

In this desolate new world every human is a target. The few survivors must be constantly on guard against creatures that are stronger, faster and hungrier than anything they’ve ever seen before. Even with their modified weapons and armour it’s only a matter of time before these poor souls become dinner for these savage beasts.

With so few humans left those who do survive tend to stick together in tight knit groups for protection. Each tribe is different from the next, but all have one thing in common: they hate outsiders. They’re suspicious of anyone they don’t know, and will kill anyone on sight if they even suspect they might be infected with the virus.

All hope seems lost until Steve finds himself face to face with an old man named George who teaches him how to harness his own inner power. With this newfound knowledge Steve learns he can use this power to communicate with nature itself, allowing him to communicate with trees and plants, animals and birds… even people!

With this new found ability Steve sets out on a quest to find others like him and help them along their journey as well. He wants to show them what he’s learned so that together they can create an army strong enough to wipe out the virus once and for all!



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